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-Welcome! We are glad you're here!-

What are the services like? 

Our services at the ARC are beyond ordinary.What you will find is we always maintain a sense of order and structure during our services but we also let go of the program from time to time. Our services have a good mix of order but allow you the freedom to worship in an unhindered environment. 

How long are they? 

The length of our services vary. During our Sabbath Service (Friday Evening) we tend to allot more time for the in depth teaching of the Word. Sabbath Morning services typically tend to be just a couple hours long. 

What is the typical style of worship? 

We stay true to our heritage of Pentecost as you will experience in our worship services. Dancing, Running, Clapping, Jumping are all things we do to express our worship. The music you hear is a good mix of modern contemporary songs but we aren't afraid of the old hymns as we sometimes throw one or two into our mix. You will find many people expressing their worship in many ways. We work hard to create an atmosphere where you are comfortable to express your worship however you choose. 

What should I wear? 

The ARC makes it a point not to stress over what you have on. Whatever you choose to wear you will feel right at home with us! 

What will I do with my kids? 

Nursery for 0-3 is open for you to leave your child in the care of our well trained staff. If you choose not to use our Nursery we understand. Children are our future. We embrace them. We also understand that children make noise. You will not be rushed out of the sanctuary or asked to leave if you're child become disruptive. Other children ages 4-up will be dismissed to go their appropriate classes prior to the teaching or preaching. Please check out our MINISTRIES page for more details on our classes. 

Will I feel welcome? 

Ushers and door greeters will meet you at the door and are available for any questions you may have upon arrival. You will be greeted as you come in and given a Connection Card as well as a first time visitors gift. We do our best to go out of the way to make you feel welcome in our assembly. 

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